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Lynsi Eastburn - Using Hypnotherapy to Inspire Fertility

October 24, 2022 Todd Mclaughlin / Lynsi Eastburn Season 1 Episode 87
Native Yoga Toddcast
Lynsi Eastburn - Using Hypnotherapy to Inspire Fertility
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I am pleased to feature Lynsi Eastburn on the Native Yoga Toddcast!

As the creator of 3Keys® HypnoFertility, Lynsi is the world’s established expert in the field of hypnosis to promote fertility. She began professionally using hypnosis to facilitate pregnancy before anyone else had actively considered or pursued its benefits, when there was no information about it in books, when nothing could be found on the internet.

During this conversation Lynsi and I discuss how hypnotherapy, yoga and relaxation techniques can play a vital role in reducing stress and how this can positively effect fertility.

Visit Lynsi on her website to learn more.

You can watch the podcast on Youtube here.

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Welcome to Native yoga Toddcast. So happy you are here. My goal with this channel is to bring inspirational speakers to the mic in the field of yoga, massage bodywork and beyond. Follow us native yoga, and check us out at Native yoga All right, let's begin Welcome to Native yoga Toddcast. I'm so delighted that you are here to listen today I bring a special guests Lindsey Eastburn. And Lindsey is the founder of One of the links on her website mentions Have you been longing for a baby but unable to have one? Have you been trying to conceive for what seems like forever but still haven't had your baby? Have you suffered miscarriages or experienced failed I UI or IVF? Has medical treatment been able to help you? Or you just want to conceive naturally, have you been diagnosed with quote unexplained in quote infertility. And so with that being said, Lindsay has created Hypno fertility, and I'm getting ready to have a conversation with her and I'm excited. I mean, this is a subject that I need to learn more about. And hopefully you as a listener will gain some insight and value. And if you know having children is not something that you're interested in right now you might have a friend or a family member that is and part of my goal here is to go far and wide and cover all the bases. So I hope you enjoy this conversation. And please remember to check out her website at, spelled h y p n o f e r t i l i t And you'll see the link in the description below. I'm so happy to have Lindsey Eastburn here today. And Lindsay, you're you have a website called And I'm really excited to talk about your new book and but just to get started and so all of our listeners have a chance to get to know you. Can you explain to me what your method called three keys Hypno fertility is? Yeah. Hi, Todd. Thanks for having me on today. Nice to see you. Thank you. Ah, yeah, Hypnofertility. So basically are three keys Hypnofertility is actually how I use it these days how I distinguish it from what's become kind of a generic word for Hypno fertility. When I started working with this, I am a hypnotherapist, and I've been in the healing arts for a long, long time. And in general private practice, I started encountering women who are trying to get pregnant in hypnosis wasn't known for helping with fertility at that time. And this was back in was probably 20 some odd years ago at any rate. And so hypnosis was really helpful. And people knew that it was, it was well known for childbirth and other things like weight loss and smoking, but not for fertility. And so what happened was people started coming in, for one reason or another that ended up being fertility connected, and I was able to help them. And even those who were given a diagnosis have 0% 0% chance of ever getting pregnant or ending up getting pregnant naturally working with me. Wow. So kind of long story short, I ended up developing a method because there wasn't anything out there. And I called it Hypno fertility. And then just over the last few years, I have given it its own kind of designation of three keys Hypno fertility and that three keys. It's based on three keys to conception that I received in meditation about 2728 years ago. Nice. So while you're in a state of meditation, you mean this came to or is that how you're explaining it? Yeah, can you? Can you give me a little insight into what that was like or how that came about? Yeah, no, for sure. Um, Now it gets kind of spiritual spirit baby type of stuff. I started out kind of working with the art and science of hypnosis, so to speak. And then also, I've always, always been connected with, you know, spirit or mind body spirit balance. I am an intuitive empath. And so years ago, I was only supposed to have one child, and many, many years ago. So he's 27. Now going, you know, be 28. Not that long from now. He came to me as a spirit baby and said, Hi, I'm coming to you, you need to have me make arrangements kind of. Yeah, yeah. And I thought, Okay, I've always been open to this type of thing. But at that time, I was like, wow, this is something, he sent me his name. And so I did have to make some significant changes, and I was able to welcome him into the world. So what happened was, I ended up in a in a class that was basically it was healing arts, sort of a, it was a crystal enhancement class was learning crystals. It was meditation, it was, you know, various, very spiritual, things like that. And we did an exercise to meet our guide to meet a spirit guide. And so I did that exercise. And then at the time, we would do it in class, and we practice at home, with cassettes, if you can believe it. And we used automatic writing to tune into the spirit guide. So lots of people were getting a lot of different things with our automatic writing. Well, my guide showed up, who is an infinity symbol, basically. So I got a symbol. And then I got one word, and I kept getting this one word, and the Word was meditate. And so day after day, week, after week, I'm practicing with my meditation, and I'm working on connecting with my guide, and I'm getting this word, meditate, meditate, meditate, like, okay, so I'm like, can I have something else? Now? What else can I have some more words. And so eventually, I did get another word, which was listen. And so then I would, I would get that every day. And so I would do my meditations. And I'd get meditate and listen, and then listen was the focus for a while. And then after, you know, another few weeks, I got the word Trust. And that's all I got. Meditate, listen, trust. Well, this was prior to me trying to conceive this child who showed up and told me that he was coming into the world. And so I began to basically I was applying that because as I was meditating, or as I was tuning in, I was becoming clearer, or I was obviously becoming calmer. And my, you know, just nervous system was much more balanced. And I was creating that balance of Mind, Body Spirit, and it was able to listen, I was able to hear directions or instructions, or just that knowingness. I mean, it really enhanced that. You know, my intuition. All of that type of thing. And then the trust was to trust it. You know what you're getting like this baby that I'm not supposed to have shows up. trust it. Right. Yeah, you've got him. Wow. Yeah. That's amazing. That's awesome. And you and your son is how old now? He's 27. Nice. No, yeah. He's the musician that got me all set up with my cast. It sounds really good. By the way. I'm so happy he did that for you. Yeah, he's a good guy, that's for sure. So yeah, it's just so interesting. And then when I talk about so meditate, listen, trust, basically, even as I did my hypnotherapy training, as I worked with Reiki and other modalities, it really is the crux of that. And I realized that this was where I got in meditation, sort of this knowing that this is the three keys to conception, right, meditate, listen, trust, no matter what else is going on. If you if you can utilize these, it just helped on so many levels. And then I was kind of thinking about and I go, you know, that's really the three keys to life. It's not just the three keys to conception, however, it is totally the crux of the program, or the work that I do and meditate doesn't necessarily literally mean meditate. So it can be obviously hypnosis since that's what I do. It can also be like just being quiet going into the quiet, it can be walking in nature, it can be doing yoga, it can be doing, you know, bodywork or any type of self care really, it's a time when you just shut off, you know, shut off the phone, shut off the screens, the TV, the whole thing, and even if it's just for a minute or two minutes a day, but just have some quiet and people tend to not do that. And it's gotten worse. You know, since before my son was conceived because now we have all this technology and phone And, and a lot of people, they want noise all the time. So it'll be the TVs in the background or the radios in the background or, which is fine if you're paying attention to it. But to not be able, like I liked it, when I get up in the morning, I don't want to hear anything. And I want to get my tea and I want to just, you know, talk to my dogs. And that's kind of it, but I don't want any noise going on. But a lot of people are kind of averse to that they really do need to have background all the time. That's a great point. What I really liked about the serendipity of having the chance to speak with you is I had someone come in for a practice Thai massage, and she came in for Thai massage, and she said that the only way I was able to get pregnant was that I started getting Thai massage. And I guess I relaxed my nervous system enough that I was able to have a baby. And that was the first time I heard someone say that to me personally. And so then not long after when I was able to get in contact with you, I thought that this would be a really, it's really quite fascinating. And I'm really excited to hear different stories that you've probably seen with your clients where what they've tried everything. Looks I know there's a lot of different fertility treatments out there. Can you explain to me what some of them are? Or what people come to you with that are? Have tried everything approach? Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. And a lot of times with hypnosis, in general, we can often be the last resort for people. And the great thing is, it's still effective. And it doesn't, you don't have to believe in it. A lot of times, people just they've tried everything. And I'm going to come to hypnosis, which is really how this kind of got kicked off was people thinking well, what if hypnosis would help. And so people may be going through medical treatment, which can be quite costly. And it's very invasive. And a lot of so in vitro fertilization, for example, they have to take a lot of injections and hormones, it's really hard emotionally. It requires like a full time job, people have to be at the clinic so often. And a lot of times, I don't know, if I will, I probably would lean toward most times, many times, it does not work on the first round. And so they have to end up going through it again. And sometimes people have done eight or nine cycles of sorry, of IVF, before they come to see me. And that was how it was early on was people were so they didn't have the technology they do now. And people were getting these, they're either being told you're not a candidate for IVF, or any of these types of treatments go home and come to terms with being child childless or adopt. And instead I was having these folks, they would come in and say, I believe that there's a baby there. I feel it. I just know it. I know there's a baby there. And I always could sense into that. And so I say, Yeah, I believe you. And let's work with that. And either their numbers, you know, their their various numbers at the clinics, we're looking at which shift and allow them to be able to have treatment, or they were getting pregnant naturally, despite, you know, having having a really, you know, difficult diagnosis or difficult journey along that way. Gotcha. Can you explain to me how hypnosis works. I have had hypnosis before. And I found it to be really profound experience. So I am a believer in it. But for maybe those that are listening that need the science behind it. Can you explain how hypnotherapy works? Yeah, no, absolutely. And that can be actually a really long subject, because there are a lot of definitions of hypnosis, but it is multifaceted. It does work on many levels. And part of that is that balance of Mind, Body Spirit, it's that balance of the autonomic nervous system. So we spend so much time in fight or flight. And you know that just the way contemporary society is the way our world is, we have a lot of stress. And there's a lot of fear right now that's going on a lot of anger. And that's definitely triggering that fight or flight. And hypnosis is basically the antithesis of stress. So it can help very rapidly to counter that fight or flight and help the person get into the rest and digest or feed and breed, as that's often called. And it's really funny because you ask anyone Have you heard of fight or flight? And they'll say yes, but you ask them if they've heard a feed and breed or rest and digest and unless they're in our field type of thing they'll say they'll typically say no, and yet, that's where we should be more often. So it's certainly excellent for helping with any kind of stress or anxiety. People that are struggling with infertility often can't relax and most of my clients, if not all, are self proclaimed type A personalities or they are some variation of that overachiever. Sometimes they call themselves like a control freak. But you know, that kind of, I put my mind to something, I get it done and you can't left brain a baby, you can't just decide you're going to I mean, it should work, it should it should be have unprotected sex get pregnant. And that's that, but it doesn't work that way, necessarily, in a lot of things going on, like blocks in our mind, or stress or other issues can impede fertility. So that's part of what the hypnosis helps to work with. But also this relaxation, and the more someone struggling, the more people are telling them to relax. And the more stress they get, because telling somebody to just relax is like telling an insomniac just go to sleep. It's like, well, yeah, good point. I didn't I think about right. And or just adopt and you know, adopting is not an easy thing. And yes, there's lots of stories about women who couldn't get pregnant, adopted and then got pregnant at the same time. There is definitely something to that. But it's not something you can necessarily make happen. Because again, it comes down to like a left brain. Yes, people do. Go on vacation and get pregnant. Yes, they do have a glass of wine and end up getting pregnant. But really, what ends up happening is a surrender. And I call it the balance of intention and surrender. But if there's no surrender, there's still a forcing type of energy going on. And of course, you don't want to when I say surrender, I don't mean give up or quit. I mean, like, yeah, you know, intention surrender. So sorry. I said, that makes perfect sense. Yeah. I always say the Buddha has it down, right, just, you know, let go right. And it's hard to be told that or to hear that. And hypnosis can help bypass the critical part of the mind to help that intention is to render balance. So it's basically I want to have a baby, these are the things I'm going to do, I'm going to do medical treatment, or I'm going to do acupuncture, I'm going to go to Thai massage, or whatever it is that they choose. And then it's to let go in the sense of allowing and being present with those modalities or any kind of self care. And then it's like you get out of your own way, and the baby comes through. But it's hard to do that consciously. So hypnosis helps to bypass that, what we call the critical faculty of the conscious mind the parts, it's always trying to control everything, and then get us into a state of receptivity, we need to receive a baby, we can't force them to happen. So that's where the, that's how hypnosis can really help. And people may build, the subconscious mind is protective, and people may end up with blocks, and they don't know that they have them. If the conscious and subconscious minds are on on a different page, then the subconscious may be blocking it, no matter how much the conscious mind wants it. And those blocks are sometimes it can be a fear, maybe a fear of childbirth, or fear of how children having children won't change a person's life. But it may be something that, you know, kicks back to their childhood, or they may have been responsible for raising all their younger siblings, Mother issues come up quite a bit. If mother hasn't done her work, you know, and then she projects it onto the child, especially females, like, you know, women tend to really have that projection from their mothers. And so the subconscious being protective and put in a block. And then it's like, okay, well, you are protecting me in a sense, but at the same time, you're causing me a problem, because I really want to have a baby. Does that make sense? It does. Does that fine balance? Yeah. It is so much about balance. And like, that's all I pretty much talked about, it's like balance, it is balance of Mind, Body Spirit is balance of intention and surrender. It is, you know, the intention surrender is that letting go letting God if you want to use that term, but it is it is. It is that yin yang balance. Yeah, it is that internal masculine and feminine, which we all have that is not the same man woman, but to talk about that internal energy that we have, and we associate, you know, certain traits to the masculine energy and certain traits to the feminine, but we all have both, but a lot of times my clients will be off balance toward the masculine energy because they're professionals. So they've been, you know, they wanted to go to, let's say, Harvard, they went to Harvard, you know, they they made it happen. They wanted a certain job. They got it a certain career they had plans for I'm going to be doing this at this point, and then I'll be you know, and they did it step by step by step, they just knocked it out, knocked it out, knocked it out. But that's, that takes that masculine trait. That's what we consider. And I really just this man woman, right? Yeah, some people I understand don't want to you know what I mean? Yeah, people in our world get that right. Yes. Everybody can be like, we're inclusive of everyone here. So even though we're using male female terminology, obviously, right, two men are gonna have a child and utilize someone to help them and or two women, like it's all kind of, we're still talking the same language. Yeah, exactly, exactly. And every one of us has a masculine feminine, you know, within us, and we need to have that balance is some of the traits are, you know, assigned to, like, women are supposed to be nurturing, and men are supposed to be, you know, protective, or, you know, aggressive. And a lot of times we pulled that aggressiveness when we're trying to accomplish things. Yeah, it makes sense, may not necessarily be full on aggression. But you know, it's more, you know, the hard soft, right, the female aspect is considered soft, and the masculine energy, the hard energy, but that's where that union comes in, we've got each and then a splash of the other within, right there should we have both, and so it doesn't have anything to do with, you know, whether we're a man or woman or however we identify, but what it is, is, is that within within us that, that balance, and so women will tend to be leaning toward activating, I guess, you could say more of their masculine qualities. So receptivity goes under the feminine energy and, and being directive, you know, that's going to be more of the masculine energy. And so part of that is, is that needs to be balanced as well, that's interesting. When I had, so in different cultures, there's goddesses of fertility, and, you know, there was, you know, rituals and or prayers that were around, you know, hoping and praying that, you know, please let fertility be something easy and natural for me. And then obviously, we have a very strong science community as well that might look at the prayer toward fertility as a futile attempt, it sounds to me like you're pretty balanced in between those two worlds as well do do, do you have a hard time navigating that balance between the science and the spiritual? Or is that do you think it's imperative that, that there's a balance there? Oh, it absolutely is essential. Early on, I had a little bit of difficulty, but that was because I was overthinking it, though. I was in my left brain and, but I work with clinics, you know, I work with reproductive endocrinologist and I also work this, you know, in the spiritual side of it, and I walk both the worlds and they need to be walked, we have separated ourselves out. So we are a mind body and the spirit. So we have our, you know, our church, we have our doctor, we we have, you know, Mind, Body Spirit, we have our, you know, psychologists and to think what the third one was. So we're separated out, we're going for our, you know, mental health care or physical care, and we're going for our spirituality, and we are one. So we need to have all of that. And it doesn't have to be a person doesn't have to be religious or spiritual, per se. But there is that aspect of when it called the mystery or the unknown. And even with the medical world, I mean, they there's about a 25% diagnosis of unexplained infertility, which I find that, you know, responds very well to hypnosis because if they can't find something wrong, it's likely that there's something mental emotional, that's happening that we can bypass or clear, a blockage for. Interesting. What are the statistics for fertility and or infertility now, like, is there a base number? Is infertility increasing? Is is it harder? Is it becoming harder and harder? Are we about the same water? I don't have any pulse on that? Can you do you have any idea where that's at right now? It's definitely increasing and I believe it's like one in six at this point, have difficulty conceiving, and that is married couples. So it's interesting where the where some of the information comes from because they're not including single women getting pregnant on their own. They're not including same sex couples. They're not including people who are you know, partners. Not, you know, actually legally married. Interesting. So the numbers can be very skewed. But there's certainly a lot, I think it's about 3%, that will get actually get some assistance that will be able to or go through medical care for it. Yeah, it's very high. And there's a lot of a lot of contributors. One is definitely people are waiting till longer to get pregnant. And they talk about old eggs, they talk about, you know, reduced ovarian reserve, you know, that they just had their eggs, they don't have enough or they're old, that kind of thing. And they talked about your being, you know, a geriatric mother at age 35, we're over. Yeah. And to me that a lot of that is hypnosis, because we hear things, we anything that's emotional, that stresses us that naturally impacts the subconscious mind. And so we will respond to things that are fear based things that are, bring up a lot of emotion. A lot of times somebody will go to a doctor, it's interesting, people will ask permission these days to get pregnant and you know, years ago, they would just stop taking their birth control and see what happened. And then go to a doctor if they felt like they needed to, but now a lot of people will go to the doctor first and the doctor will run a lot of tests, and then well, it's going to be more likely something's going to come up, if we're looking for it, right. And so then they may get a diagnosis that is shocking, because they're expecting the doctor to say, Okay, go ahead, you're good to go. And then the doctor may say, Oh, you have a low ovarian reserve, you really need to do donor eggs. And that's a really big jump from thinking they're gonna get pregnant naturally to, we've already bypassed you know, IUI IVF. And we're now at donor. And so that will shock startle somebody, which bypasses a critical faculty of the mind as well. And that can put in a suggestion, that's an that becomes an imprint. And so now the, the minds are, you know, basically working against each other, if that makes sense. That does. You're right. I mean, I can I can imagine any scenario where you think you're fine, and then you're told no, you're not fine. And yeah, that creates a sense of panic, which would work against the whole process to begin with. But I hear you that's, that's interesting. What are the I don't know if you've kept statistic track, but I'm curious out of the amount of people that have come to how many of them have had success, versus those that you've had that that were unsuccessful? They're in their attempt? Well, one thing with that is, the way I look at it is the baby is the icing on the cake. So by the time people get to me, they've kind of lost control of their lives, or they're, they're in crisis at some level. And all they think about is, you know, am I ovulating? Do I have an upsurge of cervical mucus? You know, is my husband going to be home from his trip? Are we going to do this? How is this going to happen? Constantly, and they never have a conversation, it just comes down with their partner, assuming they have one or with their friends or family, and then relationships can really, really suffer. You know? Sorry, my, my train of thought sometimes. So many things come to me at once that it's like, I have to filter those out. Right. Totally cool. Well, that, on that note, that caught my mind thinking that obviously, there's a huge balance between, you know, if if one partner is ready, and the other isn't to get both partners on the same page, and not feeling guilt or feeling like they're not worthy enough for whatever is coming up that that's obviously a huge challenge as well, just in relation to what you said about you know, as my as my partner off at work, and the time is the timing and all the right, but even if all the timing is right, and one of the part one of the parties is not really excited about the idea, or there's got to be so many factors. Well, that's it and that they can become, you know, sex becomes a chore or, you know, people are having to perform on demand, which can cause you know, other issues in the relationship and, you know, men can have difficulty sometimes, you know, they're supposed to perform right now. And, you know, it just becomes so much pressure. And so that was kind of the Yeah, the first thing I was thinking in terms of when I help people, it's to get their life back and be able to have a conversation with somebody be able to forget that they're trying to conceive because they can become obsessed with that. Of course, there is, you know, that biological clock that we hear are about it, I call it the balance of biology and destiny as well. Because, you know, we are designed as human beings to procreate for the survival of the species. So we do have that, and then there's that, that desire to have a baby, there's, there's that emotional spiritual connection to having a baby, that is going on as well. So, so that is a piece that can get, you know, out of order, like there's, and then there's that really strong, it's like a time crunch, right, so that's bothering them. So of course, it's going to be something a person can get a little bit obsessed with, then if they, they may lose their support groups or, or their support people. And so I end up helping support that too, and helping them to get their confidence back, and to feel better about themselves and be able to balance that intention and surrender. So that to me is is huge. Because by the time you bring the baby into the world, if you if you are an absolute mess, then it puts it all on to the baby. And a little baby is not going to be able to resolve all the things that can build up during the infertility struggle. So that's why I really put emphasis on that, that that is huge. Then from there, that's where the baby's the icing on the cake. It's like, okay, I'm in a space now where I can bring this child in, or these children in. And it's just, it's just fascinating to me how things need to clear but it's it is hard if people want like an absolute number, because you don't get pregnant necessarily right in my office. Now that could happen, the little embryo could be implanting at that time. But as I help people get their lives back, things can shift they may go from I want to conceive naturally. And that's it now, okay, I'm going to try an insemination or I'm going to try in vitro. And so that's a level of success that has to happen next, right? It's not, it's not necessarily a magic wand, though it can sometimes seem that way. And, you know, recently someone decided to use donor eggs, and she was just resistant to it for the longest time. Sometimes they're still working with me when that comes to be and sometimes they've done work with me. And then it's like, you go out into the world. And you sort of have all of that comes together. You know, sometimes that takes a little bit of time, and then they come to a decision on their own. And then they do get pregnant. And so to me, I feel like the part of getting their lives back or being able to I'm never going to tell somebody if they say I'm absolutely not going to do donor eggs, I don't say well, you might consider it. I start from wherever they are and support that. And so it just does fascinate me. However, somebody was asking me about statistics. And just out of curiosity at the beginning of this year, what year are we on? 2022? So I looked over 2021 I know I lose track. years that I know how old am I know. I know, right? My kids having my oldest ones having a child? And I'm like, wait a minute. Oh, wow. Yeah, so that's really funny. But with the time but anyway, yeah, I decided I'm gonna look back over my clients for 2021, just to see. And I can't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it was 75% who were pregnant, or there was probably one or two that sometimes they just come to me because they're going to freeze their eggs. And maybe they haven't been getting you know, enough eggs so that they got their success, and most in most cases was the baby. Sometimes it was the eggs. And then it was. So my number 22% I believe was still in progress. So they had been still work maybe started in 2021. And we're still with me in 2022. So sometimes that'll roll over. And sometimes people will have some delays. And so they will, you know, have some cycles might be canceled or different things are there. What for whatever reason, and then the other, I guess would be three were just unknown. I just didn't know. Yeah, yeah. That's impressive. Yeah, that is that is actually really good. Yeah, that IVF is like, you know, roughly. Now, it depends on they have all sorts of different numbers because it depends on so many things, which I'm not looking for those criteria. So they're looking at age and you know, just so many different things that might be going on with the person so 30% Roughly, maybe up to 50%. And the other thing is I don't I you know, I work with whatever's Someone has going on. So I'm not taking someone as an ideal client or not an ideal client, a lot of my clients are in their mid to late 40s, even in their early 50s. And that is not something that's, you know, that common in terms of people aren't looking at that as a as a positive thing. Except I am it doesn't matter to me, because it's so much of that mind aspect, right? Yeah, that makes sense. You're not putting any sort of judgments on, should someone be having a baby, at this age or that age, you're just if someone's coming to you, you're open to working with them, wherever they're at, that makes that makes perfect sense. That's something that's challenging to do as a professional to remain unbiased and, and to just open the door. And also, it sounds pretty cool, too, in the sense that even if someone were to come to you and be seeking some sort of assistance, and then maybe just through the process of hypnotherapy that even if it doesn't mean all of a sudden they become pregnant, but we're able to work through some other challenges that might have been going on that makes life feel a little lighter, happier. That that process in London of itself might be the whole mission of them coming to or might be what is really needed more than just maybe falling pregnant. So that makes perfect sense to me. Yeah, no, absolutely. To be able to in a lot of times, it's career. So if you think in terms of chakra is you've got that second chakra, you've got fertility, and you've got, you know, career or creation, right. Sometimes people need to write a book, or they need to shift. And that has to happen before the baby comes through. So sometimes it's a matter of I, I'm amazed at how many people that I work with, want to change something in their career, or maybe want to add something a little more spiritual. I had an attorney at one point, who was just so drawn to bring in yoga, and she went and did a training, teacher training. And then she became, you know, she was an attorney and doing her yoga, and then her first one came through with the IVF. And then the next two. Yep, they just came through. And so sometimes it's a matter of, you know, there's maybe some kind of imbalance, right, that word balance keeps coming up. Sometimes there's a denseness, maybe in our energy are in our field, depending on what might be going on for us. And so that is that cleanse and that clear. So I really don't like to go by numbers, per se. But just for fun I did I was, I just thought I would check and just kind of look over that. And I was pretty amazed. I will say, right, yeah, you're surprised. Yeah. But then the way that I do things, too, is I work with my intuition. I, you know, do I am in tune with energy. And I'm really focused on the client. So I don't have an agenda. I don't have an idea as to some someone might come to me and say, I'm, you know, I want to get pregnant and then somewhere throughout, I'm not even sure I want to get pregnant. That's not a problem. Yeah, that is something to deal with. Yeah, that's something to work with. And, and to use hypnosis to help the person you know that this is that meditate, listen, trust piece, right? They're using the hypnosis and are going into that quiet where they can listen or hear now sometimes somebody decides they don't want to have children or they decide there's something wrong with their relationship, or they something else needs to be dealt with. And, and that can definitely happen. People are sometimes afraid to hear that, because that's not the outcome that they want. But that, that doesn't mean anything. I mean, that's rare for one thing, but also, if we're if we're keeping everything kind of bottled up and cluttered up in the mind, then that doesn't that doesn't clear away to pregnancy either. That makes sense. Have you had a situation where a man was told that he's infertile, but then that was not true. You know, absolutely. So I would imagine like if I if I went and I was told, you know, you're incapable of having children so therefore I just write it off like alright, something must be wrong with me and then I go and I do some some hippo hypnotherapy and or something shifts and changes where then all of a sudden, that is not an issue. Have you have you seen that? Yeah, and one thing is with you know, stress can really impact the sperm. It also can impact eggs, but it can impact the sperm so that a person ends up with a, you know, low sperm count or they have other issues that happen. And men, a lot of times, they're fixers, or they tend to be fixers and so they're really struggling watching because it is, especially medical treatments going on, they don't have a lot of a part in that. Whereas women are undergoing, you know, all of this medication and all of these procedures and so forth. So that can stress them out and have an effect. Now, subconscious blocks, men respond. So abortion can be a subconscious block where someone is, is maybe punishing themselves for an abortion in even when they think, you know, it was the right thing. And it needed to happen at that time. And you know, I have no judgment there. There's just so much more to that than I think people even realize, but there can be something going on and with men, they can be really traumatized by being involved, perhaps, where a partner, you know, had an abortion and didn't tell them or told them afterward or, and they can feel really, they have a lot of feelings about that. They might feel upset, they might feel angry, they might feel, you know, whatever that might be in that can cause a block for them. That makes sense. And that can be impacting even their relationship, which they wouldn't realize. And that would be at the subconscious level in the subconscious mind trying to protect them. And so being able to clear that can make a huge difference. And, you know, things that have gone on in past relationships, or things that they're struggling with, which could be career, because again, you've got that same chakra. So there's the energetic aspect to all of this. And there's when people talk about psychosomatic illness, I say in quotes the word illness. But when people talk about that, it doesn't mean it's not real. If someone has, you know, maybe they're, it's happening because of something that's in the mind, but it's happening. And so to be able to release something at that mental emotional level, can create a huge change in the physical body. And a lot of times doctors will send people to me when what should have worked doesn't, and sometimes it'll be over and over. And it's like, what this there's no reason that this isn't working, I mean, this should, this should absolutely work. And so that's at the point where it's like, okay, you better go see Lindsey, and see what this something's got to be going on. And it can make such such a huge difference. So I don't tend to work with men, as much just in that women tend to take responsibility, even when it is male factor. So they'll do you know, the research, they'll make a lot of the decisions or bring the information to the partner to talk about it, a lot of times men will go sort of where they're told, you know, their partner will say, well get the supplements or go to this acupuncturist or I want you to do some hypnosis, or I want you to do, you know, some kind of bodywork, whatever that's going to be, and, but sometimes they like to be in it, you know, in all the sessions, a couple will do the sessions together. That's cool. So it really does depend. But I find, you know, for women in this field, it is, you know, invasive really energetically, as well, as you know, if they're doing medical treatment, it can be extremely invasive for them. And so also things are really fast. It's like a revolving door, especially in these huge medical clinics, so no one has time to listen to them. And that's one of the things that I do is listen. So when I'm talking to someone, and usually I don't talk much like I asked what's going on, and then they'll tell me a whole bunch of things. And then, and that's what I do, because in a sense, that is, there's so much that person's like stuffed up beyond the top of their head, you know, they're just overstuffed. And there isn't even any room for them to do anything else until they can let some of this out. So that's part of the hypnosis as well. And then being able to shift that and, you know, maybe reframe it or just create something totally different depending on what the client wants. That's really cool. Lindsey, you have a great way of explaining it. I appreciate you're very clear about what you're doing. I love it. Can you tell me about your new book release the waiting in the wings, introducing the Pink Star lights when I saw the title and the cover which has a really beautiful looking baby with a smile on its face? I definitely thought I got to ask you like how this book came to be? What is it about? And the cutest baby? It's a very cute baby picture. Makes the baby look very angelic and obviously otherworldly. And like, what a miracle like to be able to be alive to usher in life to take care of life. I mean, obviously it's a it's a miracle. So I'm curious, what is this book about? So this book is my third book and the first one that I wrote was basically back when people didn't recognize hypnosis as a, you know, modality or an option for fertility. And then the second one shifted more into that spiritual, it's actually called the three keys to conception and, and really kind of delved into that. So the third one, so that baby on the front, Valentina. She's one of my babies, and her mom had sent me that picture. And I said, Oh, my gosh, can I use that for the book? That's all I can get you all sorts of other ones. But it was that one, it's like, if you look at her, she looks she doesn't know. She's amazing picture. Yeah, yeah, I'm like, she knows she's secret. And she just knows and people I've had people say, they put her picture on there, you know, screensaver, and things like that, just to remind them, you know, their babies, but I call these babies the Pink Star lights at this point. So I've been working with, you know, hypnosis from, you know, the psychological standpoint, but then also as an energy as an energy work and as a spiritual modality as well. And so I've always believed in people, spirit babies, if they said, they felt that there was one there, then I always, you know, was, was in harmony with that too, and went, and that's where I would work from. And so I worked with spirit babies, you know, for years and years. And I could sense them. And I did start to be able to see them around people. And then eventually, they didn't seem to care what anybody called them, they were spirit babies. And you may have heard of other others, like indigo children or crystal babies over the years. But my but you know, the babies never cared what they were called, they were spirit babies. And that was it. But more recently, probably around 2016, I guess it was, they came through and let me know that they were calling themselves that Pink Star lights that they were different, that they had a different bit of a different purpose. And the pink is that they are connected with unconditional love. Like that's their energy. That's their essence, beings like Rose Quartz, you know, pink various crystals, there's actually a Pink Star, Rose Quartz, which I did not know until a few days ago, which interestingly, somehow came to my attention and has all the qualities that the Pink Star lights have told me about, which is, it just really was interesting to me, because I'd never heard of it in that class, way back when I got the three keys was a crystal class. And I wasn't actually necessarily wanting to take a crystal class, but I had just moved to a new area. And it was the only spiritual class that I could find at the time, which ended up working beautifully. But even taking that class, I had never seen this particular Pink Star Rose Quartz, and it literally has a pink star in it. It's just fascinating that these babies decided, you know that this is our name, and it's now your job to get us out there and let people know about us. So that's why it's called waiting in the wings, introducing the pink starlights is that they're really beginning to come through. And so that's the babies That's the energy I work with these days. And I'll often say the babies my client, rather than their mom. So the babies will guide their mothers, the pink starlights will guide their mothers to what they need to do or where they need to go. And typically, the moms, the moms or the parents of Pink Star lights will go through a really difficult time. And I end up calling that an initiation. initiations are not pleasant, right? But they need to be these babies. They're coming through to help elevate the vibration of the planet. The planet is a mess. We can tell the handle some of that, oh my gosh, yes. Like, what's going on. And that's when they showed up really was right about, you know, 2016 and said, Hey, we got a name. And now you're gonna write about us and what's going on. And it's just so fascinating of, of, you know, how that how they're coming through. And now they're really coming through in, I guess you could say they're flooding in. And they're very attracted to Germany and Japan, interestingly, and I, one of the students that I trained many years ago, she's in Japan, and we kind of joined forces in I guess, 2019. And she's translated everything and working in Japan, and everything is in Japanese, and Germany's really picking up it seems that pink starlights have certain areas of the earth that they really need to be in that need healing, especially, you know, in the US, but other areas as well, but it's really interesting for some reason that they're showing up in Germany and Japan a lot. Hmm. What do you think that is? I wonder if it's because those areas were so wounded with, you know, the big wars that we've had in the past. And I say that but then I think well, so many areas are wounded as well, but there was I think maybe there's some type of healing that's going on. That's concentrated there. Right now that maybe it's that time for that. So it's really interesting. I do have a global practice. I work with people all over. But Germany has just been really prominent, and then Japan as well. Interesting. Yeah, can you I mean, I'm of the nature to think every baby that makes it through right now is a pink Starlight child, but I'm curious how you could differentiate between one that is on a mission versus just arriving? Like, I mean, I tend to think like, every human has some special, amazing potential to realize, I definitely like to stay open to the fact that there are beings that are human beings that are that realize their potential and create a lot of good in the world, like our heroes, and are the people that we've looked up to since we were kids and the stories we've heard in from the myths and all that sort of stuff. But I mean, and I just want to be respectful and just about I hope my question isn't, you know, I just want to be respectful of what you're speaking of. And I'm just curious if how you, can you tell a difference here, like do is that something that you feel when you're holding the baby? Is it something that that is a parent that they're, you know, of this quality that you're speaking of? That's, that's actually really good question. And it's not to say the paint star lights are any better than any other babies, all babies are love, and all babies, every person belongs here for whatever our contribution is to be the Pink Star lights, their focus is to help raise the vibration with this particular vibe, vibrational frequency that they have. And I like to say that, well, that they're going to be the people, but then again, we're all going to be the people, but I like to say they're strategically placing themselves. So what really needs to happen is these we need these babies need access to education, if they want to have that to people, you know, parents are going to be open to them, and they don't have time, for you know, we're still going to have our everyday people. And there's, you know, we still have, there's people who are here that are looking to, you know, grow to learn all of that kind of stuff to evolve. And then there's people that are here that maybe choose not to, and they're there, I call them the five o'clock world, they're they're just, you know, it's that focus is they maybe don't have that much of a connection to anything above and beyond, maybe consider themselves, or call themselves something like Rational type of thing. And they get their job, and they go to work, and they come home, and they you know, and that's it, there's no interest in anything else. And because of this, if their child says, you know, I want to pursue, I don't know, Buddhist studies, or I want to go to yoga, and they're two years old, or, and these kids boy, they are super smart. And they seem to just know things already when they come through. And so they need certain parents is really the way that I put that, you know, for example, myself, so I'm an indigo, which basically Indigo beings came through to help break down all of the, you know, structures that we had, that were just not helpful anymore. And, you know, like, organized religion that, you know, was just not helpful to people, or, you know, let's put it that way and things like that. The, the old, you know, break it down so we could bring in this newer energy, you know, that was part of it. Well, my, my family was definitely not about education. And my parents actually got annoyed, they got mad about people getting advanced education. And so I ended up going to university down the line after I cleared that, you know, whole part of my life. But that thanks, Harley's can't have that. They don't have to get a college or university education, but they have to be able to if they want to. They have to be able to have access to spiritual things if they want that. They can't be shut down. So a lot of kids you've seen over the years or people have been shut down and they're open. They maybe they see auras or they I can sense when people are lying or whatever that might be, and then they get shut down. So that's really the thing with the Pink Star lights is their their purpose, they need to get here, they need to have the supportive environment, they need to have access to whatever it is that they need. And that's part of the journey that the parents go through is they may not have gone to hypnosis, or they may not have gone, you know, to acupuncture or done time is larger than anything like that had they not had the fertility struggle, and even folks are spiritual to start with, perhaps, but they needed to go further before bringing the Pink Star lights in. So that's, that's really their, that's really their thing is to help with a certain vibrational frequency, and to have access so that sometimes it feels like we just keep replacing the same people with the same people. And we keep having the same. You know, there's a lot of volatility right now, there's a lot of fear. There's a lot of really, yes, energy. And, you know, those, the Pink Star lights really want to help take that down, like they really want it so that there won't be those people to replace each other, if that makes any sense. So that the people who are going to be in charge of caring for the environment will care for the environment, the people who are going to be, you know, I see this all the time, because it's just bugs me, but nobody on this world should be starving. Nobody, there's plenty. And the reason that that's going on, I mean, while I mean, it pretty much goes without saying, doesn't it? I mean, there's just so much greed, and so much, I don't know, control and just so much. It's almost beyond words. And so things starlights are helping us to shift that as well, because it's been going on for, you know, millennia, right? Oh, yes. I mean, I am totally ready for a big shift of energy wire. Where I mean, it always seems personally to me, like what, you know, we hear the good and evil and, you know, Goodwill kind of grow a little bigger than evil, and then evil come back and grow a little bigger than good. And so there's this constant sort of interplay between the two, I love the idea of Greater Good than evil. You know, I think that that's a beautiful vision. So I'm 100% on board for more of that coming our way. Absolutely. And I appreciate that. Because I think the more that we envision that there are children that are being born that are here to help us that that's really a positive message. I mean, because sometimes it's easy to look at the world and go, Well, what hope is there like, where are we headed? You know, so I think it's really important that we have this vision for something greater and more harmonious. So that's amazing. Lindsay, what what do you feel like is your next step in your journey? Other than doing what you're doing? I'm not trying to allude that you need to have another step or, but what were you feeling called toward lately? What? Where's your mission pulling you? Well, that's funny, because I joke that these babies are bossy. And so if you think you're asking the question, you know, they're probably whispering in your ear. And they definitely have a big purpose. And they are a big energy. And when I do describe them, I don't mean that they're, you know, just, you know, little floaty fairies or anything like that, you know what I mean? Like, people like to think sometimes I just love, love, love, but no, nothing else. But this is very balanced, this is very, like grounded. And it is very much like they are going to be a part of the world. And you know, they're there. I don't know if that makes sense to you. But it's not like they're going to be sitting around like floating on a cloud kind of thing. Right? There'll be very grounded and very, they'll participate very much in the world. They really want me to get them out there. And so that has, you know, a lot of what I've been doing has shifted to that because some folks, you know, some some people are destined to be pink star like parents, and some are destined to work with the Pink Star lights and maybe help them to get through as well. There's definitely there. So there are a lot of people out that do spirit baby readings. And we didn't used to have that we used to have, you know, somebody maybe went to a psychic and they said, oh, a psychic told me I'd have two boys and a girl. And, you know, over the last few years people have actually become specialists. In that, and it's pretty fascinating, really, really interesting. And so they do tend to talk about different babies or cohorts, if you want, you know, that different reasons babies are coming through, and that kind of thing. So, so the pink starlights, you know, they really want me to get their information out. And part of what they're doing is that there's an awareness of them, that's going to help lift that vibration, that's going to help we have to cleanse and clear what's been going on for the last few years, especially, we have to get that balance right now. And we have to, you know, help save and heal their high level healers, too. So they're coming in to help people be the best people they can be and help us, you know, with the planet, and just all of that. Good point, Lindsay. When I think about my own kids, some days, I think there's pink Starlight children and other days. I like Definitely not. But the days that I think definitely not, are the days they challenged me, which probably is an indication that they are being Starlight children, because the whole element of having parents and having children and challenging our parents and being challenged by our children, is that growth process and to stifle them. And to say, No, you can't do that, or had a recent experience lately, where I was so humbled by what my daughter did, and what's happening. And I'm just amazed at it, you know, just be able to sit back and go, Wow, that's so cool that this is happening. So and just that growth process that's occurring is amazing. So I agree. And I liked the idea that you said about that. There's people that are helping the parents that have children that need help, and or need to be listened to and supported, and given the space for them to grow. I like the idea of thinking about all the children that are being diagnosed as having this disease, or that disease, or this personality disorder, that personality disorder being put on this medication, that medication that if we could somehow listen to them and create an environment where we're supportive of whatever they're going through. That's a really incredible mission, too. I really like that idea of that. I mean, I'm doing my best I can with my own children, but to think about the people that really want to have children, if they can find value in knowing that they can be of support, I think is a really positive message as well. Oh, you got me thinking? I mean, for sure. What I'm when I when I had mentioned to that, I hope that you had an hour for us to speak and you said, Well, I was clear my schedule, because all sorts of things will come up. But I really do appreciate you taking this much time to chat with me today. Is there anything else that you would like to share with the listeners in terms of it can be something that you're offering? If it's something or a way that you can they can contact you? Or if it's more of just a message that you'd like to share? Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? Wow, well, so much. And if the pink Starlight had their way they'd hijack your show. So you know, definitely with the parenting, they really do like people to know their needs, that the babies need structure, or the kids need structure. So it's awesome to listen to them and you know, be able to be able to support them, and then also to help them to have structure because there's so kind of like, big in terms of energy, but there's still children. And they don't necessarily like that, sometimes so, but we do still have to make sure they can have some kind of stability or structure. So I think that's important for people. I'm they I think they it seems like they're guiding me to do a little bit more with pink Starlight parenting. And I think to help people identify that, oh, well, I think I have a pink Starlight or I have Pink Star lights or I'm working with Pink Star lights. Because part of that might be to is people are doing work. But they don't realize that it's the Pink Star lights and then having that information is is eye opening or helps them to get, you know, to another another level. So I think that's important for people to know, as far as offerings. I have three different group online groups, I guess you could say for it to help people because I do work with people one on one, but I can only see so many. So I do have some to meet the pink starlights you know, and I have one for three keys to conception and one for Hypno fertility. Nice. Yeah. And then And obviously, obviously, we can share those links in the description below. So that'll be really easy for people to find those. Yeah, yes, thank you, yes, course this way, hopefully and get these, these Pink Star lights the recognition they want. That's amazing ones Yeah, well, I'm in full support. So you got me. And for everyone listening, this is the first time that we did this over zoom, Lindsey. So this will also be available for people to watch and I'll upload it onto our YouTube channel at Native yoga center. So that of course will be in the description below. But if people if you enjoy watching, as well as hearing, I love the audio part because I can still cook and clean and walk my dog and do all the things I need to do while I'm listening to my podcast. At the same time, I love the fact that I was able to see you, and facial expression is amazing. And so I really enjoyed this opportunity, Lindsey and thank you so much, and I can't wait to talk to you again and see where the where your journey is taking you. Oh, that's great. Thank you so much, Todd. This has just been such a pleasure. I just appreciate you so much and all that you're helping put into the world. Oh, just fantastic. Thank you, Lindsay. Well, I'll stay in touch with you. Okay, thank you Todd. Native yoga taught cast is produced by myself. The theme music is dreamed up by Bryce Allen. If you liked this show, let me know if there's room for improvement. I want to hear that too. We are curious to know what you think and what you want more of what I can improve. And if you have ideas for future guests or topics, please send us your thoughts to info at Native yoga center. You can find us at Native yoga And hey, if you did like this episode, share it with your friends, rate it and review and join us next time. Well, yeah,