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Rick Olderman ~ The Confluence of Yoga and Physical Therapy

September 14, 2022 Season 1 Episode 81
Native Yoga Toddcast
Rick Olderman ~ The Confluence of Yoga and Physical Therapy
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Show Notes

I had an incredible conversation with Rick Olderman about Physical Therapy practices and how they relate to the world of Yoga. Rick is gifted in analyzing body mechanics and solving the riddle associated with pain. During this conversation we discussed:

  • how subtle shifts in body mechanics can have a profound effect in solving pain patterns in the body
  • how Rick's program and books called Fixing You® came to fruition
  • How bending the knees can unlock back pain
  • Simple exercises to explore the mind & body connection
  • how the process of conveying profound ideas simply can make pain management accessible to all walks of life
  • and SO MUCH MORE......

Rick Olderman is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist with more than 25 years experience that specializes in helping people with chronic pain experience a pain-free life. Rick has written the popular Fixing You® series of books -- found on -- to help people with chronic pain or injuries. Rick wants to show you how to live completely pain-free without the need for medication.

Rick's home website:
Fixing You® series of books
Fixing You® Method At Home Course: Listeners get 20% off their orders with code: FIXING YOU
Fixing You® Method for Health Professionals:
Talk About Pain Podcast:

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