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Kelly Haas ~ Yoga Is for All of Us

August 11, 2022 Kelly Haas / Todd Mclaughlin Season 1 Episode 76
Native Yoga Toddcast
Kelly Haas ~ Yoga Is for All of Us
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Show Notes

Join this spontaneous podcast discussion I had the great opportunity of having with Kelly Haas. Kelly is a yoga teacher with many years leading and facilitating yoga classes and trainings all around the world. She now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida and specializes in Yoga Therapy through adaptive practices as well as prenatal yoga, Conscious Aging and accessibility for special populations. Check her out on her website at and on IG @yogawithhaas.

During this podcast we discussed:

  • yoga therapy and how Kelly utilizes its principles when working with special populations
  • her role as tour manager for John Friend for over 6 years
  • her leadership role in the Swan River Teacher Training program in New Orleans
  • Conscious Aging psychology in yoga teaching and practices
  • her focus on understanding the energy of a pose and how to translate that into an experience anyone can enjoy
  • how her curiosity and enthusiasm for learning has propelled her to all corners of the globe
  • How her experience running a retreat facility in Costa Rica enabled her to learn from so many amazing teachers
  • How yoga truly is for all of us!

Check out her upcoming Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and other offerings by visiting her website here.

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