Native Yoga Toddcast

Cory Bryant ~ Finding Peace Wherever You Are

June 16, 2022 Cory Bryant / Todd Mclaughlin Season 1 Episode 70
Native Yoga Toddcast
Cory Bryant ~ Finding Peace Wherever You Are
Show Notes

Join this fascinating conversation I had with Cory Bryant!
During this conversation we spoke about:

  • Cory's path of finding yoga and how it has brought him peace
  • Cory's connection to Tibetan Buddhism and how he integrates it into his daily life
  • what it was like growing up gay in small country town
  • his process of speaking his truth and taking a stand for equality
  • what it is like directing the only Mysore Ashtanga program in Nashville
  • and SO MUCH MORE :)

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Also on IG @yogashalanashville

Cory discovered yoga shortly after 9/11, while living in NYC —initially through a soft introduction at the Integral Hatha Yoga Institute in the West Village and then with the mind-blowing, tapas-inducing experience of Jivamukti Yoga. Since that time, pretty much everything about the way he views the world has been challenged, bringing with it transformation from a goal-oriented, judgmental, high-tempered, career-driven person to the more even-minded, compassionate person he humbly aspires to be today.

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