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Christina Kauffmann ~ Creating Trauma Informed Sacred Spaces

May 12, 2022 Christina Kauffmann Season 1 Episode 65
Native Yoga Toddcast
Christina Kauffmann ~ Creating Trauma Informed Sacred Spaces
Show Notes

Episode 65 ~ Christina Kauffmann ~ Creating Trauma Informed Sacred Spaces

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and interviewing Christina Kauffmann! Listen here as she shares her truthful insights of becoming a  trauma informed yoga teacher. Christina is also a contributing author for the book, Sacred Spaces which offers authentic stories and holistic practices so that you may enjoy a moment of learning, growth, perspective, and possibly life-changing strategy. Christina is also the representative of a cutting edge CBD company called Harmony905 with which she explains how CBD has benefitted her life.

Check out Christina on her link page here
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Christina's bio:
Hello, I’m Christina!

I’m a trauma-informed yoga instructor and CBD adviser on a mission to share the tools that have positively impacted my own mental health journey.

I deeply struggled with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression for a lot of my life. Then, I found yoga or as I believe, yoga found me. The practice has given me tools to cultivate introspection, self-awareness, and mindfulness. Since I began diving deep into my inner world, I’ve started to thrive not simply survive.

My hope is not to heal others but to empower others to heal themselves. 

xoxo, Christina

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